With a ninja admin team (who want to remain nameless!!) the public faces of Develop With Passion® are...

JP & Aaron Boodhoo

High School Sweethearts

A word from JP:

I am a computer programmer who feels blessed to have been able to enter a profession that I love, and I love being able to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with other people.

By means of consulting,articles, presentations, podcasts, and programming bootcamps that have been delivered to over 1000 students across the world; it has and continues to be a blessing to meet new people/teams and help them grow their skills. Or just sling some mad code!!!

On this site (as well as the blog) you will find some of my current thoughts, opinions, and approaches to software development, consulting, and training!!

A word from Aaron:

Come on ladies, we know who really gets the work done around here!!!

Develop With Passion®!!

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